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- provides interactive online learning courses

About Metron College

Metron College provides interactive online learning courses as well as in person delivery. We mainly cater for professionals in the charitable, higher education, housing, and allied sectors. 

Delivering a range of short courses, we are also expending our certificates and diplomas during 2023. We have industry experts giving you the “inside” track on the key issues related to your subject. We don’t just teach; we coach and give you the direct “know-how” that you can immediately apply in your job. 

We take a cognitive approach, which is an active style of learning that focuses on helping you learn how to maximize your brain’s potential. We develop your skills to reflect, and enhance the way you think about the world. We believe if you can do this, you will learn faster and apply your learning more quickly in the workplace. The best leaders flip the script in their own minds, challenge themselves and others, and have fun while doing it.


We are a proud member of The CPD Certification Service, membership number: 17668.

Quality Assurance

Find out more about our Quality Assurance arrangements to see how we ensure we deliver you a high quality experience each and every time.