Writing Techniques for Advance HE Fellowship

Writing Techniques for Advance HE Fellowship

Written by an  existing Principal Fellow and Fellow of the Advance HE, the course will equip you with a proven technique that will leave you feeling confident in writing your application narrative. It assumes some knowledge of the Professional Standards Framework but provides a brief recap.

We have aimed to have broad appeal including those who support learning in non-classroom roles, as well as those who teach. It explores scholarly approaches with dozens of examples outside and inside of the classroom.

This course is suitable for those applying in any of the four categories of Fellowship, as you will be taught an underlying technique and approach applicable in all circumstances. There is bonus content for Senior Fellows.

This is a self-directed, interactive online programme designed to be fun and engaging on offer from 27th September 2023. Register below in advance.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Apply a unique 3 Step writing technique to build your narrative
  • Explore your own learning and teaching philosophy
  • Write your first short narrative 
  • Identify common pitfalls in writing a narrative 


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What's included in the package


Designed by a Principal Fellow, Senior Fellow and Fellow of the HEA who have reviewed hundreds of submissions.

3 Step Writing Technique

Proven technique, that is easy to understand and apply across all four levels of fellowship

3 case studies & 2 sample narratives

See what good looks like, and hear from interactive characters from a diverse range of backgrounds.


Create your own mini narrative, review other written narratives and take an MCQ!

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The course will be available as part of our new Online Course Catalogue launching on 27th September!